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Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table"
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

RE: Barack Obama and the Euphoria of Madness

To the attention of the BC Editorial Board:
From: Aurora Grajeda -
mailto:grassroots4obama@yahoogroups.com ("Yes we can", Si Se Puede")
San Francisco, CA
February 13, 2008

Never mind that Mr. Larry Pinkney's of the Editorial Board observations on Barack Obama in general, are accurate, the gestalt of this communication, rather than a comment, it is to pose questions for him to answer and to offer a critique on some of his points.

Q 1. Does he has an alternate option to suggest vis a vis Barack Obama for President? (US Congresswoman Cynthia McKenney is no longer in the ballot)

Notwithstanding the fact that BO did in fact make the comments on unilateral action against Iran, stated his position regarding Palestine and Israel, made other comments or took positions that many of us supporting him disagree with and will work our butts off to help him with a view from the other side of the argument, also to help him see clearly how detrimental his positions are to the peace and the good will among nations and people's of the world and of the consequences thereof.

Q 2. In his lifetime experience, does he have knowledge or has heard of any candidates running for office to adhere to all the positions expressed or taken during campaigns? (Yes, I admit that it is a sword of Damocles with a double edge to it)

Q 3. If I understand Mr. Pinkey correctly, is he disparaging Obama's volunteer work and community activism because he didn't endure the sacrifices or failed to put his 'life on the line' as many have done in the struggles before his time?
I wonder how many community volunteer and activists like me, are guilty of the same "Crimes" As Mr. Barack Obama, all of us are the recipients of the fruit of the labor, struggles and the sacrifices of past or fallen comrades; I daresay that they would want us to do just that; follow in their footsteps and build upon the foundations laid with their sacrifices, that for so many of them, was ultimate.
  • As an Immigrant from Mexico, I have been the object of racism, but I was never victimized or deported by the Immigration authorities, yet, I support the human rights of illegal immigrants and immigrants in general in their struggles, which, by choice, are mine as well.
  • I never was subjected to segregation or any of the other ignominies that African Americans have endured, yet, not only do I support the struggles of my black sisters and brothers, but I join to pitch in with my efforts in their struggles, which, by choice, are mine as well.
  • I wasn't born a biological female, but I make common cause with women's struggles, which, by choice, are mine as well.
  • And so on...
Q 4. Is Mr. Pinkey suggesting that people who choose to work on communities issues or community organizations shouldn't get paid? or,

Q 5.if they do, they should be derided or their contributions minimized, dismissed or even derided?

I agree with Mr. Pinkey that to support a candidate solely on the base of race or gender is ill-advised because it'd be a racist or sexist act, however and in any event, we are happy for the opportunity to vote either for a woman or a person of color, yes, Barack Obama's skin is colored, it is black and albeit an argument could be made, as Mr. Pinkey does, never mind that culturally he may not fit the definition of what an African American man is, his father originally came from Africa and he was born in US territory, by an wider standard, that makes him an African-American, just as descendants of the Americas or Asia or Pacific Islands are so labeled, and by the way, since we are on the subject of 'labels', how come we are not calling white people Euro-Americans?

Q 6. So, he is not a real Black Man?

I know many people who disagree with him on that point and I'll concede that others share his opinion, which are just that, opinions.

In closing, considering that I take issue on most of the points in his piece, I'm on his side on the next to last paragraph which parallels our position, but personally I take issue with him once again, as many other Obama supporters will do as well, on his last paragraph, contrary to his statement, we are being very critical thinkers because we, supporters and admirers of US Congresswoman Cynthia McKenney and the Power To The People Coalition, have faced reality and have chosen a plan for grassroots involvement/action after weighing all the options on the table. Yes, we are building a movement and will work very diligently toward helping whoever is elected President to understand that there is a clear choice; to work with and for the interest of the people and for the Country or for the Corporatist Interests, which are neither American nor Patriotic.

That will be their choice, our opinion is that in Barack Obama, we may have a better chance than with the other candidates to achieve our goals, so we made our choice, it will be up to the new President to make his, or hers, in either case, there will be a political prize or a political price as a result.

We need to be about the business of thinking and acting outside the box and building political parties that are outside the box, parties that serve the economic, social, and political interests of the masses of people. This is precisely why the candidacy of former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney for President and the Power To The People Coalition is of such enormous importance for the present and for the future. This coalition is all about collectively laying the foundation for systemic change - which is the only way that we can enjoy real change.

Blind euphoria notwithstanding, those who ignore reality and the lessons of history, do so at their own peril. Now, more than ever, is the time to be critical thinkers, not blind followers

Q 7. What are the basis for his assertion that we are blind followers?
Q 8. Is it a professional diagnosis that because we support Barack Obama, we are suffering from an Euphoria "Madness" ?

Respectfully submitted,

Aurora Grajeda

"We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For"

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi

"Viva Obama / Aurora Song / Aurora Video"
"Yes We Can, Si Se Puede!"
"March 1st, Int'l Women of Color Day"

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