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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bizarre news: Minuteman Founder says: "Send troops to Mexico to fight Drug War".

By Aurora:

From the SPLC I got this jewel of a news items. (More Nativism in the news)

It seems that the Minuteman Founder, Jim Gilchrist, in a rightwingnut radio program, called for the United States to send troops to Mexico to fight a Drug War.(Published on columbiatribune.com Thursday, July 10, 2008)

Gilly the Clown was laughed at when he wore a<br />bullet proof vest to a Long Beach college debate. (Photo at ALIPAC)
Jim Gilchrist, founder and president of the Minutemen, believes the way to control rising drug violence in Mexico is to send crack U.S. troops.

Speaking on talk radio - where else? - he says the U.S. administration should give Mexico 12 months to clean out the cartels.

"Either terminate the criminal empires that influence your nation and threaten to cripple the United States, or risk the incursion of U.S. soldiers to do the job for you."

And Gilchrist is not talking about a bunch of MPs on weekend maneuvers. "I’m talking about heavyweight U.S. Army Airborne brigades."

This is truly a gift of a news and a real jewel which allows us a glimpse into the mind of this wacko, who calls himself Patriot, and gives room to ponder on the 'state of mind' of the people who follow him in the Minuteman Project.

The idea is so bizarre that even virulent anti-immigrant sites like ALIPAC are balking at Gilchrist's suggestion and lamenting that sickos like Gilchrist makes them look bad, IMHO, they don't need any help on this; by themselves they have managed to do a good job on it.

"Most patriots would approve of the U.S. military guarding our borders and ports. This would cut off the drug traffickers supply lines and deter illegal immigration.

Unfortunately, there’s this assbag named Jim Gilchrist that makes us all look bad with bizarre ideas like invading Mexico with airborne brigades. Sorry Jim, but Mexicans can take care of their own problems."
-- ALIPAC website

The man that ALIPAC is calling an 'assbag' now, was their darling Champion not too long ago and whom they endorsed in his bid to run for a Congressional seat to replace Congressman Chris Cox in California’s special election in District 48.

ALIPAC ENDORSES "Minuteman" Jim Gilchrist for Congress in October 4 election
Posted by Charlesoakisland on Thursday September 22, 2005 at 6:30 am MDT

Link to story: http://www.alipac.us/article-742--0-0.html

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ENDORSES "Minuteman" Jim Gilchrist for Congress in October 4 Special Election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC WilliamG@alipac.us Toll Free: (866) 329-3999

ALIPAC, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is pleased to endorse Jim Gilchrist and his campaign for Congress in California’s District 48.

On October 4, CA District 48, Orange County, has a special election to replace Congressman Chris Cox, who resigned to join the Bush administration. Jim Gilchrist is known nationally as a founder of the highly successful citizen border watch movement, the Minuteman Project.

Topics: Campaigns, Congress, laws, security, illegal immigration, Minuteman Project, ALIPAC

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is endorsing Jim Gilchrist because of his selfless dedication and successful activism addressing our national crisis of border security and illegal immigration. The Minuteman Project drew international attention in April when civilian volunteers brought illegal alien and drug smuggling traffic to a halt on the Arizona border.

"We need to elect Jim Gilchrist to Congress because he is a real leader -- the perfect messenger to send to Washington to get these problems solved. Voters across America are making the control of illegal immigration a top priority in their support of candidates, with good reason! An unprecedented number of illegal migrants are crossing our open borders each year. This flood of unknown persons directly, negatively affects public policies of top concern to the voters. Our nation’s capacity to prevent terrorist attacks, grow a strong economy, improve jobs and wages for American workers, and provide quality education and affordable healthcare are all undermined by the economic and societal burden of our dysfunctional immigration system."

But one of the saddest aspects of demagogues like Gilchrist, is that his rightwingnut beliefs' putrid vomit infect the minds of what we usually call 'our people' such as Raymond Herrera who on Thursday, July 03, 2008 posted this video where he talks about making alliances with the MinuteMen
The Mexican Revolution Starts Here!

Not difficult to imagine the effect the propaganda of people like Gilchrist has on people who start from their nativist, racist, xenophobic leanings or outright beliefs.

The rightwingnuts in the anti-immigration media (hello Low Dobbs et al) are not picking up on this story and who can blame them? They are afraid of being associated to this certifiable nut, but they are! LOL!!!

I wonder what will they do if this 'out-there' idea gets any play in the media, I'll venture a guess that they will be backtracking and backpedaling so fast from being associated with "The Minutemen" Founder, Jim Gilchrist, that their movements would provide enough power to provide some relief for our current 'energy crisis'.

Tell others about what Jim Gilchrist is proposing, will you?

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