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Thursday, September 18, 2008

AGAIN!!! Another attack in Shenandoah follows beating death of Mexican immigrant

SOURCE: Cynthia I

SOURCE philly.com :http://www.philly.com/philly/hp/news_update/28495034.html

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Subject: Another attack in Shenandoah follows beating death of Mexican immigrant
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Los Angeles, Alta California
September 17. 2008

Another attack in Shenandoah follows
beating death of Mexican immigrant

A vicious assault in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania of a 21 year old Mexican man
by the name of Javier Alcala Jr. on Friday comes just two months after the
brutal racially motivated murder of Mexican immigrant Luis Ramirez.

Both MALDEF and LULAC have requested the FBI and the US Department of
Justice to investigate the case to determine if this new assault is a racially
motivated hate crime.

Javier Alcala Jr., claims that three skinheads beat him on the head with a
metal object, bound and blindfolded him with duct tape and then proceeded
to torture him. He says that they used a "drill" and a "torch" to terrorize him.
Alcala adds that he was then beaten to unconsciousness and dumped
in a street. He was taken to Saint Catherine Medical Center and the police

Javier Alcala suffered a head injury, damaged teeth, bruises and an arm
injury. According to Shenandoah Mayor Tom O'Neill, police have interviewed
the victim twice, including once at a hospital. The immigration status of Alcala
is unknown but the mayor said the police had difficulty interviewing the victim
because he was extremely frightened.

Attorney Gladys Limon of MALDEF said the organization was made aware
of the assault on Javier Alcala after a community member called Saturday.
After speaking with the person who called MALDEF, Ms. Limon said she
called the Department of Justice and the FBI. Ms. Limon said she also
spoke with the victim by telephone on Saturday.

Department of Justice spokeswoman Jamie Hais said Tuesday that the
Criminal Section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division is opening
an investigation into the Friday incident. FBI spokeswoman Jerri Williams
said that an FBI agent from the Allentown Resident Agency is also reviewing
the attack.

Ms. Limon said, "We have not received any information as of yet that indicates
that this was racially motivated." Ms. Limon added, "What we do know is that
this was a serious crime against a young Mexican man in Shenandoah and
it requires an immediate and full investigation."

LULAC National Executive Director Brent Wilkes said the group is also looking
at the incident because of the rising number of hate crimes against immigrants
in the U.S. "Our concern is that the anti-immigrant rhetoric that's been pretty
visible in media and in policy discussions is starting to embolden people to
take the next step in terms of getting violent with immigrants, or people who they
perceive to be immigrants, which primarily means Latinos and their communities,
" Wilkes said.


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