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Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain Ad Lies About Immigration Reform in Spanish Ad

Editor's Note: Senator John McCain is now running a Spanish language ad which apparently lies about Senator Barack Obama's support for comprehensive immigration reform, reports NAM Contributor Henry Fernandez.

WASHINGTON -- Senator John McCain is now running a Spanish language ad which apparently lies about Senator Barack Obama's support for comprehensive immigration reform. McCain's ad argues that Obama tried to kill reform. Why might we believe this is a lie? Because just two years ago, McCain thanked Obama for his support of comprehensive immigration reform.

Congressional Record, May 25, 2006, Senator McCain: "I also thank Senators Brownback and Lieberman, Graham and Salazar, Martinez, Obama, and DeWine for their shared commitment to this issue, in working to ensure this [comprehensive immigration] bill moves successfully intact through the legislative process."

Close McCain ally Senator Mel Martinez, R-Fla., also praised Obama in a letter dated June 28, 2007:

"Thank you for your support of the Immigration Reform Bill. While it failed, your backing of this important legislation meant a lot to me personally. I know that standing firm in the face of extreme pressure has not been easy, and again, I thank you."

Yet just two years later, Senator McCain appears to have forgotten his praise for Senator Obama's steadfast support of immigration reform.

September 12 2008, McCain Spanish language ad (translated by McCain-Palin 2008):

[Announcer:] Obama and his Congressional allies say they are on the side of immigrants. But are they? The press reports that their efforts were 'poison pills' that made immigration reform fail.

The result: No guest worker program. No path to citizenship. No secure borders. No reform.

Is that being on our side? Obama and his Congressional allies ready to block immigration reform, but not ready to lead.

JOHN MCCAIN: I'm John McCain and I approve this message.

So why the memory lapse? And why only in Spanish language ads?


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