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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigating immigrant fees

Auditor general's report uncovers 'phantom agents,' other irregularities
The Chronicle Herald.CA 


Walther PPK wrote:
Another case of case of cronyism between business people and corporate business parties in Canada like the Conservatives and the Liberals – who claim to understand the economy the best – is for a few days in the media. But not much has happened since the last time: "Cornwallis Financial Corp. and its president, Stephen Lockyer were among the largest donors to Nova Scotia's Progressive Conservative party in the years it ran the province's immigration program. From 2001 to 2006, Lockyer and his company donated a total of $15,057.49 to the governing party, which handed it an exclusive, untendered contract to administer the key file." (Nova Scotia Business Journal, 25/10/07). Just follow the money and you will find out who has benefited. The program started back in 2002 through the NS Office of Economic Development and the minister at the time was Cecil Clarke, now Minister of Justice and Attourney General. He should step down from public office, because he has been the one to stamp the contract with Cornwallis and continued to be the minister responsible for the program for at least another year. In a democracy there cannot be room for nepotism; else one has to call it plutocracy or even kleptocracy.

philv wrote:
This should cost Rodney and a couple of his minister's their jobs - at the very least!!

mexicowilkie wrote:
The government, eager to show they are facilitating immigration to Nova Scotia, buys into a scheme that is ripe for taxpayer pocket pickers to take advantage of. The with minimum effort it is taken full advantage of. Surprised?

Heatherdee wrote:
I completely agree with Mr Preyra's assessment. I am not one to blame government for everything, but I know my patience is running pretty thin witnessing yet more unaccountability from this government, and I know I am not alone. I have nothing but high regards for Mr. Clarke, but this Nova Scotian will not be satifisfied with a few senior unnamed bureacrats being wrist-slapped and I applaud the opposition members for keeping at it. This is twenty times worse than any scandal any provincial government has had their hand into and probably the most damaging. This program has not been successful.If I were Mr. Clarke, I'd be very concerned over being told only two days ago that as the minister responsible for the contract at the time that my cabinet colleagues went over my head to tell senior officials in my department that contract was to be tendered. (When it ought to have been anyway as per procurement rules). And now he's Attorney General/Min of Justice, and the province is involved in a lawsuit. Does anyone not see the conflict of interest here or have I got this all wrong? If this is how the Province works with the private sector, heaven help those P3 projects they boast about. More lawsuits for Nova Scotians on the way.

zippo2468 wrote:
I am quite sure no one will go to jail for ripping of the new people coming to our country. They should be ashamed, nice way to treat people who want to be canadians. It is no wonder they all want to go out west.

annmarie wrote:
Hopefully, the RCMP will get to the bottom of this. Immigrants did get one very important thing that they wanted and that was to come to Canada to start over. Also, there's an old saying, as a matter of fact, a couple of them, Buyer Beware is one of them. I hope that the immigrants involved in this are not trying to put the taxpayer on the hook for this.

Wake Up Canada wrote:
All Mr.MacDonald will do is find a weak link (pay them off),so that everyday business continues.Why are we "the tax-payers",aren't seeing these(Minister's),being charged for their crimes????? Just because you hold the title "CROWN",means ---- in todays world.It's time that Canada adopts it's own Law & Order,and send these animals to prison with no parole!

JT from Redneck County wrote:
The corrupt investigating the corrupt, Hmnnnnn

Frank wrote:
Untendered contracts and little or no oversight, is anyone surprised that the money disappeared. Governments should not be in the business of handing out taxpayers money to special interest groups, community groups, businesses or whatever, it is just a given the money will be squandered. Isn't this the second time in the last few days that it has been found that money given to a special interest group disappeared. The best way for government to help the economy and all taxpayers is to simply lower taxes. Evidently that should not be a problem, there seems to be plenty of money to throw around.

Wingman wrote:
Make sure the company and any individuals who profited from this are charged and the money recovered. Why should I as a taxpayer be on the hook for this.

rcraigfader wrote:
such a disgrace to the province. such a disgrace to good people who want to live in NS. what will we learn? probably nothing. hillbillies run the show. vote for the bigger moron next time

Real Luke wrote:
I am keen to know why the lawyer repaid/refund/returned the funds he had in his possession. I don't know why he is hiding behind the priviledge doctrine. Was it surplus funds or damage control?

worldly wrote:
Let's be clear, there was no taxpayer money squandered here. The money was the immigrants money. They entered into an arrangement; pay $130,000 and get an opportunity to move to Canada, and get a passport. Period. No one was ripped off. They knew, the government knew and Cornwallis knew. This was a transaction between the parties. The government increased its immigrant population, the immigrants got into Canada, and Cornwallis made a profit by facilitating the transaction. And the money was paid by the immigrants. Not the government. As far as 3rd party agencies, if they helped in the process they should be compensated. This was a win, win, win scenario. Lastly, if my recollection serves me from earlier stories; Cabinet directed officials to send this out for a competitive bid. That direction was either ignored or overlooked. No government payola for a supporter in that scenario. And that is a verified fact.

Heatherdee wrote:
Well worldly, taxpayer's money is certainly being used to sort out the mess not to mention gov't time. That directive was apparently news to Cecil Clarke, Minister responsibley at the time. He told reporters he just found that out two (now three) days ago. Cabinet went over his head to give his officials direction? Really? That sounds a little cuckoo to me, especially how this revelation is just being "discovered" after how long? Also one would think the use of agents in an already "fast track" program was completely unecessary for a process that had Dept of Immigration on board. Agents are not a requirement anyway even for regular streams. This is not a win-win-win situation. It's a greed-fraud-embarassing one.


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Napoleon Bonaparte

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