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Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table"
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"BROADCAST BLUES" San Francisco Premiere

Broadcast Blues wins Laurel at Sacramento International Film Festival!

After winning the "Outstanding Environmental Vision" Award at the Sacramento International Film Festival, this high impact Documentary, 4 years in the making and directed by Emmy Award Winner Sue Wilson, is coming to San Francisco's Victoria Theater after a successful premiere in Sacramento on March 22nd 2009 at the Crest Theater

The San Francisco Premiere will be on June 28th 2009 at 4:00 p.m.

In a film review by Gary Chew in Sacramento on March 15, 2009, he had this to say:
In another effort to describe what happens in a society that vigorously embraces the laisse-faire when it comes to the notion that bigger is always better, northern California independent journalist, Sue Wilson almost bites-off more than she can chew with “Broadcast Blues.” In just under 75 minutes, this new documentary chronicles a long list of the electronic media’s snowballing shortcomings over the last three decades.

Broadcast Blues” tackles corporate media growth and consolidation, deregulation, the Fairness Doctrine, manipulation of news content, indecency, the importance of broadcast Localism, how the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) responds to citizens who petition it---and more.
I had the opportunity to preview the documentary and I found it gripping; while Broadcast Blues is about the Media Consolidation, about the abuse and misuse of the privilege we give them to transmit over 'our' airwaves, more than anything else, it leaves you with the awareness of the harm it does to our Democracy, to our well-being and that of future generations, it is about the 'dummbing down of America' in order to acquire more power, more control of politics and policies, a dive to the bottom line of obscene profits - Broadcast Blues is a call to Action to get back what is rightfully ours, for our own sake.

This film is for both, the barely informed people on this issue and for the super informed ones, I highly recommend it - I thank and applaud Sue for another outstanding production of her illustrious filmmaker career.

In addition to the great success in Sacramento, she had the distinction of being targeted and attacked by Rush Limbaugh, who did the right thing in following the suggestion that 'when you have to pick a fight with someone, you always engage your better', way to go "Rush", you just may learn a few things sorely missing in you understanding of what a true Democracy is and what The United States of America is supposed to be, get enlightenment on the principled heights we aim to reach and the Ideals we passionately embrace.

for immediate release

The Movie the Media Does Not Want You to See!

Broadcast Blues blows the whistle on today's media madness, from the rise of Rush Limbaugh to the court ruling that news does not have to be true. This documentary is everything TV and Radio owners do not want you to know, so Common Cause and the Media Alliance are making sure you get a chance to see it, and find out what you can do about it.

Public Interest Pictures' Broadcast Blues features Danny Glover, Naomi Judd, Phil Donahue, Helen Thomas, Amy Goodman and many others. But it's stories of real people who have been damaged and even killed by reckless broadcasters that steal the show.

This special screening of Broadcast Blues will be held 4 PM Sunday, June 28, at San Francisco's Victoria Theater, 2961 16th Street, at the 16th St BART station. Tickets are $12 at the box office, or $10 in advance at www.commoncause.org/broadcastblues .

Directed by Emmy winner Sue Wilson.

"We the People are taking the media back."

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para distribución inmediata

La película que los medios de comunicación no quieren que usted vea!

Broadcast Blues
suena el silbato en la locura que son los medios de comunicación de hoy, desde el ascenso de Rush Limbaugh en la radio hasta a el fallo judicial de que las noticias no tienen que ser verídicas. Este documental es todo lo que los propietarios de la televisión y la radio no quieren que usted sepa, por lo que Common Cause y la Media Alliance se están asegurando de que usted tenga la oportunidad de verla y saber lo que usted puede hacer al respecto.

Broadcast Blues de "Public Interest Pictures", Presenta a Danny Glover, Naomi Judd, Phil Donahue, Helen Thomas, Amy Goodman y muchos otros. Pero son las historias de personas reales que han sido dañados e incluso asesinados por los imprudentes organismos de radiodifusión, los que se roban el show.

Esta proyección especial de Broadcast Blues se llevará a cabo el Domingo, 28 de junio, a las 4 PM en el Teatro Victoria de San Francisco, en el 2961 de la calle16ª, cerca de la estación del BART de la 16 ª. Los boletos son $ 12 en la taquilla, o $ 10 por adelantado en www.commoncause.org/broadcastblues.

Dirigido por la receptora del premio Emmy, Sue Wilson.

el Pueblo, estamos reclamando los medios de comunicación"

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