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Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table"
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Public Option or Bust: My Resolution for Labor Day Weekend

My President, Dems who have drawn a line on the sand, and the millions of people who have done the same, I say unto you: "hold that line, for the Cavalry is on it's way."

Ooooh, I have a dream that millions of the real people march to demand that the bargain we made last year, is honored.

I pretty much decided to march in support of a robust Public Option, I'll do it on Labor day, Sept. 7 in San Francisco, from the Embarcadero's Justin Herman Plaza, to the Federal Building where Nacy Pelosi has her office, no, it is not my idea, it is all over, I keep hearing, where are the people who made magic in the 2008 election? I don't know where the rest of us are, but I do know where one of them is, right here and itching for action because I had it, as Popeye would say: "That's all that I can take, I can't take no more"

As to the location where the march ends, why not? It is a fact that many Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, have drawn a line on the sand for Public Option, no doubt that The President whom we helped elect and who promised us health reform which would include Government-administered health services in competition with the Insurance Companies, needs to hear from us, didn't we agree that it was up to us? That we, as always, are the ones who have to carry the heavy load, it is up to us, we have to make it happen.

Why on Monday? Why not? Other people may choose to march on Sunday, or on Saturday, while some of us may even march on these three days if there are corresponding actions, Sunday seems a good day for church-going people, worship in the morning and then take action for the Health Reform that each of us, and the nation's economy, desperately need, now is the time, Saturday may sound good to people who simply just like to march on Saturdays, Monday may look appealing for people who still believe in fighting for the rights of all workers and who still live by the principle that "An injury to one, is an injury to all", of one thing all of us can be sure, people are getting hurt and dying due to the expensive and deadly nightmare that the Health Care System has turned into, did I say Health Care System? Ha, ha, ha... I laugh to avoid crying, if it is a system at all, it is a 'fleece-the-consumer-system and get obscenely wealthy while doing it.

Oh yeah, I do have a dream, Labor Day Weekend 2009, a weekend of Actions, a historic time in the USA where once more the people made History and forced passage of a Health Care Plan which works for the people, where the interest of patients is placed before profits and not the other way around, as has been the case forever and the long struggle of trying to change the status quo for... how many? 60, 90 years?

I have not mentioned one of the issues that compel me to march is that WE ARE NOT BEING HEARD, or we are being ignored by many Democrats who forgot that we elected them to take care of a few matters, chief among them is Health Reform, I though we had a bargain because, in addition to being not only our Representatives, they are our employees, we pay their salaries, they were elected to serve the people who put them there and instead they are serving the powers who fought hard to prevent many of them from getting into office, we won that battle and sent them to Washington with overwhelming majorities and with a mandate. WE HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.

Last time I checked, the Democratic Party's Platform lists Universal Health Care and yet, some Democrats are shitting on it.

What is up with that?

No, there are not thousands of people also marching, nor hundreds, not even dozens, there is only one friend I talked over with about this issue who said: "I'll also march with you, I have to do something about this"

So, there are two of us so far.

Do Something, I don't think there is one pro public option person who isn't saying to him/herself: "I've got to do something"

There are many ideas, proposals, a Boycott or Something, in the meantime... time goes bye bye, drip, drip the bleeding continues, the lies get more abundant, widespread and established.

What I say is: let's not complicate what it is in essence a set of simple issues which have complex problems with huge repercussions, we want a choice, we want true competition on the Health Insurance Market Place, we will settle for a Robust Public Option, we do know that Medicare and the VA systems work better than the private systems, so we should be given the opportunity to compete, yes, we, WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, WE ARE THE SHAREHOLDERS WITH A FRANCHISE ON THIS ENTERPRISE WHICH THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE.

Curious that the Health Insurance Industry is spending ungodly amounts of money to defeat it, it seems to me that if they are against something, undoubtedly, it has to be good for us. They don't want competition because it would be... GASP!!! Unfair?

Hey you blood suckers, isn't this a Capitalist System? This is what you keep telling us and you do not want competition? How stupid do you really think we are?

In everytown USA, people make their own resolution, organize and take action, we invite family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, the small business / organizations who serve us, we have a Church or some other venue where we attend; all of us have a stake on this struggle, more aptly to call it a war, it is a very old war and we have to put an end to it with a clear objective: Health Care Reform with A Robust Public Option - LET THE COMPETITION COMMENCE AND LET THE BEST PROVIDER OF HEALTH SERVICES WIN.

Many Right Wingers and many in what passes as the Republican Party, are saying that they want their country back, eh? Hellooooo? We are the majority, we won the elections, isn't this still a Democracy? C'mon, who is really in danger of losing the Country? I don't really mean losing our Country, but hey! I'm told that elections matter and as the gullible and idealistic soul that I am, I believed it, I opened my meager check account, gave tons of my time, a lot of it from my sleeping time to help elect Barack Obama and to give the Democrats a majority, candidate Obama said that I could own a piece of the campaign, President Obama confirmed that I do own a piece of it - I'll march.

I want to tell my President, to my Representatives who are sticking for our best interests, you are not alone, I may be only one, but I'm with you and I'll say it by making contact with the soles of my shoes to the street's pavement on Labor Day Weekend, Monday for sure, but I'd love to also March on Saturday and on Sunday no matter how long my tired 60 year old bones take to recover.

Target: Labor Day Weekend, plenty of time to ask other people if they want to do the same, time for them to, in turn, ask others if they want to do the same, time for them to also ask others if they want to do the same, and so forth, and so on.

If many more would make their own commitment and resolve to also do something, it would be magic all over again.



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