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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just how intimidated do you feel you are by the Anonymous Collective/Family? Update 1x

While referring to the -- not really 'organized' in the whole Organization -- Anonymous Collective/Family, as it's members refer to it, in general, I'm including people who wear masks and claim to be members of it and other people who embrace it and give voice to the Collective's messages or causes.
Last night I saw the video published on May 4, 2013 and titled "A Message to Anonymous" (Below) It echoed what I've experienced personally after having been subjected to very nasty bullying by people wearing Anonymous masks and their unmasked allies just for being a member of the #UniteBlue Community, which at the creation of an Advisory Board, one of it's members was an individual who had pleaded guilty to sex crimes and currently is awaiting sentencing.
After this fact became known to the #UniteBlue Advisory Board, the individual in question either resigned or was dismissed from the Board and is no longer a member of the UB Community.
This fact didn't stop the people that the video refers to, from vigorously and viciously harass, bully, label as pedo supporters, actually accusing people of being a pedo themselves, threatening with, and actually doxing and swatting Unite Blue members, or people who didn't join in chorus of their cause/crusade/jihad against pedophiles (Pedos), or even worse yet, anyone who denounced these intimidating tactics as unacceptable; in a civilized society, these merit not less than an stern condemnation for being despicable and cowardly -- This drama has been going on unabated for the better part of two months, or more.
Convoluted as they are, hence so difficult to understand, are their motives or objectives; as best as I can ascertain from my personal experience and own research on the matter, these range from "Wanting the 'pedo' off twitter", which I believe it's a matter that should be taken with the entity that has the power to permanently suspend anyone violating it's rules => Twitter, and not with regular people, as they have been so mercilessly doing. https://support.twitter.com/articles/18311-the-twitter-rules#
One component in this dirty campaign, which could be comical if it weren't so pervasive, is this psychotic type of phobia against UniteBlue members who are likened to cultist followers/pedo supporters -- and anything to do with UB Twibbons -- controlled by a master-mind coding expert who, on behalf of the GOP, is out to 'control' it's members via #Hashtags and some kind of indoctrination, maybe brainwashing; I kid you not, it's a one cracked-nut conspiracy theory after another, forwarded by a clique of elite 'Twitter personalities' who have a dismal history of previous smear campaigns against perceived enemies, and even with their own members if one of them dares to speak up when they refuse to let themselves be abused; these targets were mostly women,
and then... Wham! The whole clique's apparatchik-like operation goes into action against the offender or a perceived enemy, or a perceived threat to their turf, as in the case of UniteBlue; seen as a possible competitor in twitter followers and another leading voice in Liberal/Progressive political campaigns.
Their operational structure is relatively simple, once an individual is targeted, attacks on his/her honesty, credibility, integrity, etc., begin. These are followed with posts by clique's members in various sites which in turn are tweeted and re-tweeted relentlessly by members of the clique and their followers, who in all fairness must be said, the latter in most cases ignore the real intentions behind the campaign but that do believe the propaganda that the former gives as the reason for the attacks. (Smear campaign).
One of the clique's most useful tools appears to be an obscure and very secretive online 'news' entity. Literally nothing is known of it's background, though, rumor has it is of Canadian origin, other than that rumor, nothing. Not where it is based, who owns it, the editor/s, etc., and yet, it has been very effective being the spearhead of the clique's actions and frequently cited as the source (via) of the information which in turn, belittling any 'down to earth' logic, it is believed by many people as factual, hence, it's warnings on UniteBlue's GOP conspiracies, the danger of being in dreaded lists, the unimaginable danger of adding a UB twibbon to their profiles, have led people to, in wholesale mode, unfollow UB members and to echo the anti #UniteBlue fear mongering of which many appear to have succumbed to it themselves.
Once the criminal record of the individual who was briefly a member of the UniteBlue Advisory Board become known, the clique enrolled or recruited the aid of what appeared to be members of the Anonymous Collective/Family, who dove with gusto into what was the focus of one of their campaigns, hunting pedophiles (Pedos), but it was done with such reckless and irresponsible disregard of people's opinions, freedoms or political affiliations, with actions reminiscent of the infamous vigilante executions and lynchings of times past, where the guilt or the innocence of the targets became a secondary consideration as long as they 'got' the target, kind of like in 'let God sort them out'.
As of this moment and due to the anonymous nature of Anonymous, it is not possible to assert who is really a member of the Collective and who is not, but I'm of the opinion that the Anonymous Movement has the best interest of the people's freedoms foremost in their actions, and that anyone who claims to be a part of the Anonymous Collective/Family and that yet, engages in divisive actions and actually hurts people, and/or their legitimate causes, or that puts their families or friends at grave risks, does not represent what I understand to be the core values of the Anonymous Movement.
I do not support or oppose Anonymous per se, for instance: if the Collective does an expose of a dastardly action/s by a governmental or corporate entity that the mainstream media fails to report or covers up, I'm in favor of it, as it was when I become aware of the call for an online blackout to protest CISPA, I tweeted and shared the call for action. By the same token, what the apparent members of the collective have been doing in collaboration with the above mentioned clique in Twitter, I've been not only been opposed to it, but I made a stand and engaged in an spirited push back.
After seeing the video 'A message to Anonymous', I wholeheartedly agreed with the message, as it should be obvious for anyone who read this long Diary, I wanted to share it with others, but as I soon realized, I was reluctant to do it, I had to ask myself the question of if I felt intimidated into not doing something that may displease the Anonymous Collective/Family.
Lets just say in answer to the question I posed to myself, I have a healthy respect for the Anonymous Collective/Family, but albeit the prospect of rubbing the Anonymous Collective/Family the wrong way is intimidating, I wasn't intimidated enough into cowing in fear; therefore silenced, hence, I shared it in the morning, both in Twitter and Facebook and I'm sharing it in this Diary.
But, how about other people? Will they be intimidated to the point of keeping silent? Also, is it not the aims of the Anonymous Collective to safeguard the freedoms of the people such as freedom of expression, opinion and to congregate/associate without fear of becoming targets of vicious smear campaigns or other kinds of persecutions?
That's the bottom line.
Aurora Grajeda @CihuaMexica
For anyone who wonders and may feel inclined to ask why I do not offer 'evidence' to backup what I'm saying; it is because the purpose of this post/Diary is not to indict anyone, it is just a colloquial narrative intended as a preface to other Diaries where evidence in support of, and to attest to my veracity, will be posted in the near future.
Since in one comment with this provocative subject "Troll Alert: Going on for MONTHS & not a", I was asked to "Pls provide meaningful evidence or withdraw diary." a Kossack, notwithstanding that I did state the purpose and intent of this Diary in the Footnote (Immediately above), I felt that to put a stop to such comments, I'd include at the foot some screenshots which backup some of my claims, so people like the commenter, who is doubtless aligned to the forces I'm denouncing in the diary, I know because he gave himself away in the comment itself.
The women that OpTrollBill3 is talking about, are on their fifties and sixties, I'm one of them, I'm 66 yrs old. The reason we became targets is because we made a stand against being called pedo supporters, defenders, or being pedos, which many UB members were called that just because we are UniteBlue members who refused to take the abuse and spoke up. Some of us pushed back against their ignominy and will continue to do so because such despicable conduct should not be tolerated or encouraged by being silent
Anon OpTrollBill3 doing her/his 'thing' - (For some info mouseover the pic)- This Anon has at least 4 Twitter accounts whence he launches his attacks; OpTrollBill, OpTrollBill2 and OpTrollBill4. And mind you, this is only one of many Anons engaged in these activities, some of them wear masks, some don't. Some of them have some variations of Anon in their Twitter handles or in names, and some don't; but all have one thing in common, they proclaim being part of the Anonymous Collective which they also refer to, as the Anonymous Family. -- I direct your attention to OpTrollBill3's mocking reference to maybe 'call social services', for those who ignore it, it refers to something very seriously dangerous, it's Anon code for 'Swatting', which means a false 911 call to a governmental entity, such as the police swat team to their target's place of residence. In this case, social services because some of the women he references, live in a senior community. Here is an instance of such a call against an online security reporter. This is 'Swatting'
The resistance he is talking about is anybody's guess but her/him-self and maybe her/his confederates, as best I can discern, the problem is that we are not doing the same thing they are doing, which is scaring people off being UniteBlue members or they'll be labeled pedo supporters. Something like that, if it sounds really crazy, it's because it is pure, unadulterated cacomanic nuttery
Anon OpTrollBill3 wants Bill Off twitter. At least that's what he say, also he 'floats' a disclaimer that he is not out to destroy UniteBlue. (Mouseover for more info)
Of course you are not trying to destroy UniteBlue Ms./Mr. OpTrollBill3, what gave you the idea that anyone would ever think that a Right Wing Libertarian, as yourself are, would even ever consider preventing Liberal/Progressive Tweeps from joining in a UniteBlue Community to advance a progressive agenda and work toward democratic majorities in both houses of Congress during the 2014 and 2016 election cycles?
Impossible too, to even imagine that you could engage with other people of your political persuasion and even some who call themselves Liberal/Progressive, but whose actions contradict what such a person would do, which is collaborate with you to scare people into believing that there's a UniteBlue Overlord who will take over the Liberal/Progressive Movement using twitter hashtags, twibbon and the... Oooooh, so terrifying lists. Nah, nobody could believe that.
An extraordinary behavior is that while it appears it is perfectly acceptable to imply guilt by a no longer existing association and adding your handle so you know they are talking about you, on the other side, persons who add their handle in a tweet, it is highly objectionable and merits the Troll label.
In this convo, a female Anon, who has been very active in this despicable campaign by members of the Anonymous Collective, joins CaptAnonAmerika who mentions besides me, one of the men, Politaire, who has been part of the people's pushback against this ignomiy (Ignominy: "deep personal humiliation and disgrace"
This screenshot was taken on April 23, 2013. Ploting a new strategy with other allies to help them
And yet more connections between Right and Left Wingers working together to bring down #UniteBlue, this is a suggestion to ask URWNJ Todd Kincannon to allegedly help 'get Bill off Twitter'... By scaring off tweeps from joining UB and join them by doing the same. Apparently, they have Matt Osborne, an alleged Liberal/Progressive very involved in the anti-UniteBlue Campaign since even before Anonymous joined them. As for Roseanne Barr? Ha ha ha ha ha, she knows all about what they are trying to do and last week she told some of them to basically go and perform an acrobatic act of sexual nature upon themselves. I just adore Roseanne, she kicks ass and takes no BS from anyone.

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