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Monday, February 11, 2008

HRC Shifts Campaign Chief & WJC complains of Obama's attacks

What is considered a attack on a political campaign and what are the specifics of Ex President Bill Clinton's complaint?

Is it allowed to point out the opponents votes, if any, and their positions?

In my unqualified opinion, anything that a candidate has said or done which would affect how that person will govern and the consequences/effects if elected, is fair game as long as it is accurate and demonstrable; after all, the electorate will not make an informed decision if candidates were to run on appearance or personality alone.

It can be surmised that WJC's charge is designed to paint BO and his supporters on a negative light hoping to effect the voter's perceptions and their choice.
(CNN) -- Former President Clinton on Monday complained about attacks from Sen. Barack Obama on Sen. Hillary Clinton in the latest back-and-forth bickering between the two rival Democratic presidential campaigns.

"I've got before me a list of 80 attacks on Hillary that are quite personal by Sen. Obama and his campaign going back six months that I've had pulled," he said, speaking to CNN contributor Roland Martin on WVON-AM's "The Roland S. Martin Show" based in Chicago, Illinois.
Senator Obama is choosing to take the high road which in rality it is the only one to take:
... I don't want the campaign in this stage to degenerate into so much tit-for-tat back-and-forth that we lose sight of why all of us are doing this."

Obama also warned his supporters to play fair.

"If I hear my own supporters engaging in talk that I think is ungenerous or misleading or in some way is unfair then I will speak out forcefully against them and I hope the other campaigns take the same approach," he said.

I'll wait to read more on the nature of the 'personal attacks', meanwhile, my mind tells me that there is desperation on the Clinton's camp and that this is a maneuver to distract and handcuff the rival campaign. There is ample evidence that many Obama's supporters are already actively engaged in self-censorship of sorts.

In any event, what appears to be a reality, is that the Obama Political Tsunami keeps coming in with no sign of stopping, causing havoc on the opposition.

Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton replaced her campaign chief as rival Barack Obama won Maine's caucus vote, sweeping the weekend contests.

Obama won about 60 percent to 40 percent for Clinton in Maine yesterday, where 24 pledged delegates will be split proportionally. Obama scored victories in the Louisiana primary, caucuses in Washington and Nebraska, and the Virgin Islands convention a day earlier. Voters in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia go to the polls tomorrow.

``The momentum has clearly shifted to Obama,'' said Stephen Wayne, a government professor at Georgetown University in Washington.

Clinton yesterday replaced campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, who has run the New York senator's campaign since she entered the presidential race in January 2007, with longtime adviser Maggie Williams.
As political campaigns go, this one gives the impression to be one of the cleanest run in a long time, let's hope it does not degenerate further, there is no need for it, at least the latter is true for the Obama '08 camp and it's supporters, while the same cannot be said of the other side.

This brief analysis is my honest political amateur's view.

February 11, 2008

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