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Monday, June 9, 2008

The "Leftist Media" And the NCMR June 6 - 8, 2008

What am I missing that I can't understand why the "Liberal/Leftist MSM" it is not covering the "National Conference for Media Reform" Being held in Minneapolis June 6 - 8, 2008?
Some videos from conference

I have not seen this conference extensively covered, have you? The contradictions of the "Liberal/Leftist MSM" Myth just jump at you and yet, it is alive and kicking.

How more Liberal can an issue be, according to the conservatives(?), than a conference to reform what it is considered in reality a Corporatist (Fascist) MSM? If I were less informed, I'd really be puzzled at how the "Liberal/Leftist" MSM has continuously given a pass to conservative figures or their misdeeds, lies and disinformation, who can forget how "Liberal" Journalists and Democratic figures were savagely hammered and their righ wing counterparts were not?

If I knew that the Bush Administration's claims on Iraq's WMDs were fabricated by the "Office of Special Operations" Under former Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, how come the MSM characters did not?

Opposition to an invasion of Iraq is as leftist as one can get, according to the rightwingnuts, how come the "Liberal/Leftist" MSM did not expose the lies of the ultra conservative Neocons?

Entries in the bastion of RightWingNut dribble, WorldNetDaily have been pointed to and quoted by AIM, about a Jan. 2007 report and an article, among other items, by Cliff Kincaid about last year's NCMR: "The Communist-influenced Media Reform Movement" and The Plan To Silence Conservatives"
The Kincaid column is a follow-up to his exclusive report on the "National Conference on Media Reform," held in Memphis, Tennessee. The column, "The Communist-influenced 'Media Reform' Movement," and his January 15 special report, "The Plan to Silence Conservatives," are available at www.aim.org.

The "media reform" movement wants Congress to resurrect the so-called "fairness doctrine" so that it can force conservative media to incorporate "progressive" views into shows like the O'Reilly Factor on cable news and the Rush Limbaugh program on radio. "Having previously reported on the participation of Revolutionary Communist Party members at the 'National Conference on Media Reform,'" Kincaid says, "I can now confirm that members of the old Soviet-line Communist Party USA were there, too."
Forbes picked the AP NCMR 2008 report and the entry actually agrees with "Liberal?Leftists", the MSM is Corporatist and that "The National Conference for Media Reform is being organized by Free Press, a nonprofit organization that promotes diverse and independent media ownership and public media."
MINNEAPOLIS - Critics of the corporate media are gathering in Minneapolis this weekend to discuss reform.
Associated Press 06.06.08, 2:02 PM ET ,

The conference opened Friday with several speakers, including Democratic U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minneapolis.

A few big names will participate in the conference, including former CBS (nyse: CBS - news - people ) newsman Dan Rather, Bill Moyers of PBS and Arianna Huffington of HuffingtonPost.com.
What a lineup of "Liberals", and "Liberal" issues, how come the "Liberal MSM" Is not extensively reporting it? CNNMoney.com also picked up the story (Other of the few outlets which covered it)
Corporate reform top issue at media conference

Critics of corporate media gather in Minneapolis to discuss reform

June 06, 2008: 05:27 PM EST

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Protecting Internet news sources from being controlled by a small number of powerful corporations is one of the "most profound fights of our lives," the head of a media reform group said Friday. "We can organize truth against power. We can use the Internet to save the Internet," said Josh Silver, co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit group Free Press.

Silver made the remarks as journalists and activists gathered here for the National Conference for Media Reform. The conference this weekend is meant to encourage efforts for a more diverse and open media.
We witnessed how the "Liberal/Leftist MSM" Have magnified issues negative to "Liberal" Barack Obama and has not done the same for conservative John McCain?

Anyway, the NCMR 2008 took place and the Natinal Media Reform Movement is getting stronger

Aurora Grajeda

SFCA 060808

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