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Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table"
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Desecrating a Sacred Shrine: McCain, J. Bush & Lieberman at the Tepeyac.

Maybe I'm the only one who feels offended that Sen. McCain and entourage visited the place where indigenous people have venerated Tonantzin and have danced to her for more than 2000 years.

This man has no shame whatsoever, is there any doubt that he wants to ingratiate himself to Mexicans in particular and Latinamericans in general? He is desperate and is willing to do anything, even use the belief of millions for political points, without even the slightest understanding of, or total disregard for, whichever is the case, what she has historically represented and what she represents today to so many of us?

McCain, Jebb Bush and Joe Lieberman represent and stand against what our symbol represents and what it means to millions, which is totally contrary to what these......... people support and advocate for; to continue the 'Manifest Destiny' agenda, McCain was and is totally in favor of the Iraq invasion (More people of color slaughtered) and wants to continue the US War Policies, preferably against people of color, mainly Brown, for a 100 years more, maybe a thousand.

For, how can anybody believe that McCain did honor Tonantzin when he dishonors, allows vicious attacks to, and persecution of the people who believe in her and have her color? Yeah, I'm talking about Immigrant workers whom he is willing to harm even more by destroying the economies and industries of their country by advocating and working in earnest to implement more 'free trade agreements' and thus force more of them into the 21st century's version of slave labor?

After all, I have not heard him advocating to stop the raids and the separation of families until Immigration Reform is enacted, have you? At best he has paid lip service to this issue, in his theatrical ways, he introduced legislation for immigration reform to then flip-flop again, all for political points, from where I stand, in a true and tried Republican tradition, he lights up both sides of the candle, or as the Native Americans say: "He speaks with forked tongue".

He is the Senator from Arizona, isn't he? I have not heard a blip from him about how Arizona treats the immigrant and Latino communities, hasn't he heard of the abuses of Law Enforcement Officials, namely Sheriff Joe Arpaio? He, who proclaimed not only to be proud, but that it is an honor that his name is associated with the Ku Klux Klan and also proud to collaborate with vigilantes who have stated their desire to start shooting Mexicans (Illegals? Is John McCain's racism so deep that he is willing to let this brutally abusive sheriff waste taxpayers funds in pursuing undocumented immigrants while at the same time neglects his duty of going after real criminals? Has anybody heard McCain say anything against what this sheriff has been doing?

How can one believe that he is sincere in his 'honoring' Tonantzin when, as the Senator from Arizona, doesn't even acknowledge the abuses being committed against the Mexican/Latino community in his home state? Hasn't he heard about the racial profiling going on there? And what about the super oppressive legislation being enacted there as well? Hasn't he heard the words that the Media Hatemongers, whom he calls 'my friends', spew daily against people of color? What the hell! Let's call it for what it is, Racism, Xenophobia and Nativism.

I'm so upset at this ignominy and that not many more are clamoring in protest of this slap in the face by this man, his entourage and the greedy Prostitute that is the Catholic Church Hierarchy, what? Prostitute it is too strong a word for the Catholic Church? Well, my fear is that I'll be offending sex workers with the use of it, after all, they work and risk life and limb (The Sex Workers) for the money they receive, as far as I'm concerned, the members of the Catholic Church Supreme Hierarchy are not worthy to even kiss the ground the sex workers thread.

For the ones who are offended by my calling the Catholic Church Hierarchy, a prostitute, allow me to remind you that for more than 200 years after the claim of her apparition to Juan Diego (Nahuatl name Cuauhtlatoatzin ("La venerable águila que habla" ("The Venerable Eagle that talks/speaks"))), their predecessors attacked the belief for Tonantzin and her believers, it was not until they saw the profits that embracing her followers would bring that they jumped into the pile of gold that the Cult of Tonantzing was and is today, and that is only one instance, the Catholic Church Hierarchy is and has been so corrupt, in so many areas, and at so many levels, that entire volumes have been written which validate my claims, for space's sake, I'll not go into the many crimes committed by them throughout history and I also must leave out for the same reason, the ones committed by omission.

As for my credentials for speaking as I have, I only need one but I'll give you three, I'm a Catholic, a Danzante Mexica and Gudalupana and I consider it my sacred duty, in the most forgotten, but that should be the most revered, Catholic tradition and by also emulating Jesus of Nazareth of denouncing what the hypocrites have been doing, how they have sold the poor and most oppressed to Mammon, is there anybody who would like to argue with me against what I'm saying? That their demigod, which is not my concept of God, eats at the rich man's table and does his bidding?

And they have the gall to take McCain, J. Bush and Lieberman to El Tepeyac, to allegedly honor Tonantzin, WHAT A PILE OF BS.

And just to finish and not let it be unsaid, a few words about the RATzinger at the Vatican, who has for years dismantling any and all tenets of Jesus' Liberation Theology, they have been pushing aside bit by bit what the Second Vatican Council, which opened on October 11th 1962, was trying to accomplish, he (RATzinger) is stepping all over the Populorum Progressio by supporting regressive politicians such as joined-at-the-hip G.W. Bush and McCain, the representative of Jesus on Earth? Ha! He denigrates the Man.

Do I have a reason to be upset and to believe that McCain's visit to Tonatzing desecrated a shrine and was a slap on the face? I think I do.

With all due respect to your also valid opinion, this is mine.

SFCA 070408

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