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Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table"
~Bill Moyers

Sunday, July 27, 2008

End Hate Radio in Tucson

Coalición de Derechos Humanos

Join the Derechos Humanos campaign to end hate radio here in Tucson, Arizona!

In the few days since beginning this campaign, many have stepped up to join this struggle, and we know that Journal Broadcast Group, which owns 104.1 FM, is paying attention!

We have updated the list of sponsors to 104.1 FMM -specifically those who have ads featured on the Jon Justice show. We invite you to contact these businesses to let them know that you are concerned about their support of hate radio, and encourage them to promote their businesses with media outlets that stand behind the principles of dignity and respect.

So far, the following previously listed sponsors have informed us of their intention to immediately withdraw their support of 104.1 FM:

  • * Main Gate Square
  • * Patio Pools & Spa
  • * The Auto Body Shop
  • * Advanced Recon
  • * Aung Foot HealthClinics
  • * Sol Cars
  • * The Wildcat House

    Many businesses were not aware that their "package" deal with Journal Broadcasting Group meant advertising on 104.1 FM, and most were not aware of what they were supporting, and would not choose to support intolerance.

    The following companies have expressed concern about this issue, and have assured us that they will be looking into the matter immediately:

  • * Allstate Insurance
  • * State Farm Insurance
  • * Maloney's Tavern
  • * Axiom Drafting and Design

    Thus far, 104.1 FM has removed the listing of their sponsors from their website, and the YouTube Webisodes of the Jon Justice show were removed, particularly the offensive one that some of the sample letters below refer to.

    These have been reposted at the following links:

    Webisode #4

    Transcript of Webisode #4

    Webisode #5

    Transcript of Webisode #5

    We invite you to judge the content for yourself, but we find them to be sexist, racist, and offensive to the spirit and diversity that is Tucson.

    Join us in this effort to rid the Tucson community of the intolerance and xenophobia that is promoted on 104.1 FM!
    Please contact businesses listed as supporters of 104.1 FM and encourage them to withdraw their support of hate radio. Samples letters are provided help you draft your letters to sponsors.

    Journal Broadcast Group also owns the following media stations.
    We are considering taking this issue to the sponsors of these outlets next, so feel free to let express your concern to them as well, particularly if you are a current sponsor or patron.

    KGUN 9 TV

    94.9 MixFM

    MEGA Oldies 106.3 / 104.9

    ESPN Radio 1490 The Fan
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