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Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table"
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah Palin's brilliance? Her Mission and her Jihad.

A Kamikaze for the taking?

I'm reminded of the donkey who while grazing found a harmonica that as he was sniffing it, made it play by accident, so the donkey says in amazement "I know how to play", or something like that.("El Burro que toco la flauta por casualidad" - Orotava (Tenerife), Tomás de Iriarte (1750 - 1791))

I was pondering for a short while if the fable was analogous to Sarah Palin's raise to fame and some political power by accident, she was picked as VP Nominee and presto, she says "I'm great, terrific, awesome..."

I was thinking about all the speculations from all the angles being discussed about Sarah's resignation, for all I know, all of them are valid and on target.

So many of us had laughs, guffaws, chuckles, etc. with her apparently nonsensical comments and what we see as an illogical political move, understandably so if we see or read within the context of the accepted norms in politics, regular (Mainstream) politicians do not normally do what she does, nor say what she says or the way she says it.

However, if we see or read what she does and says in Ultra-RightWingNut thinking and Lingo, bingo! It makes sense, crazy sense I admit, but sense.

She wasn't talking to us, she was talking to her adoring base who swallows everything she says at face value, if you read her comments again, this time from this angle, I'm curious to know if what I have to say further down does make any sense to you as it does to me.

So, unlike the donkey, she may have played the harmonica on purpose and accidentally hit the right note, for her aims of course; for she has plans.

Do you think you saw fireworks on the 4th? You have not seen anything yet, watch out for Sara "Barracuda", she is pissed off, feels like a victim, has targets acquired, has built a reputation of holding grudges, of being mercilessly vindictive, can be ruthless and has scores to settle - I think it is relevant to mention that she did not only supports killing animals from a helicopter - a 'hunting' practice that it is not only illegal, but it is widely viewed as inhumane and cruel - she appears to also do it with gusto.

If she can do that to defenseless animals who also are at a huge tactical and technological disadvantage, think about what practices or tactics she will use against two legged animals who she is absolutely sure wronged her - David Letterman anybody? Note: in my conclusions, for her goals, it is irrelevant if she wins or loses in the mainstream, her troop of worshipers will be happy and she is betting on this because she will milk this cash cow for all that it is worth and for as long as she can.

If we continue to perceive her as ill prepared, a low information person, intellectually uninterested, et al, to then measure her up vis a vis with our own standards, we do so at our own peril, for she is very talented and skilled in areas which are a perfect match for in-the-gutter political trenches warfare, more effective if no ethics are in the mix.

She has by her side, the former "First Gentleman" Of Alaska who seems to have had a quasi official standing in the Governorship, they are a team, plus she also has hers and Todd's ultra right wing 'friends', are they advising her?

One important point to consider is, notwithstanding not having a biologically pair, hers are bigger and harder to break than her Republican colleagues, I'll also throw in the pile that she was exorcised for protection against all forms of 'witchcraft' and blessed in The Name of Jesus by Bishop Thomas Muthee so she can win her battles aflame in religious zeal.

That she will be making a fast buck in this venture is the icing on the cake.

She saw and tapped into a force of 'thirsty-for-leadearship' ultra right wing Republican Party base.

She defined for them how to look at her resignation and her vision of what America should and needs to be.

Generalizing I'd say that ultra right wingers and fundamentalist Christians, see their lives in a B&W grandiose context, with a larger than life sense of righteous purpose, ready to sacrifice it all in the name of God and America or a cause they perceive bigger than themselves, who also have a default tendency to see themselves as victimized by others thus it explains to them their shortcomings and miserable lot in life.

Sarah Palin is on a mission, in her fundamentalism, she may even believe that it is from God Himself, she is telling her supporters and followers, I'm ready to lead you with no holds barred - And she is going for broke.

It'll be interesting to see how much pressure Sarah and her brownshirts will be able to put on the somewhat more moderate Republicans, plus what kind and how much blow-back they will get.

As for Sarah, she is ready to charge head on against what she thinks is wrong with this country, it's perceived enemies and hers, she is full of, albeit misguided, righteous indignation, the fact that she seems ready to accept money and gifts easily, makes her a perfect candidate to deploy as a new right wing political weapon, an operative with the mindset of a Kamikaze.

How effective will they be?

The downside for the GOP and, who knows? It may also turn out to be their good luck, is that she also is prone to self destruction when she tries to operate in the real world.

I don't think I'll get an argument if I say that the right wing media and many others in the MSM, will be more than happy to play in her game, right wing media will relish the raw meat and both will greedily whistle while on their way to the bank.

And as far as the lemmings go, poor suckers, they will be financing almost the whole thing, but, taking from G.W., McCain and Graham, they will be 'Psychologically' boosted.

But for me, I'm kind of worried, I think I really understand Palinese and it's culture.

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