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Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table"
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Monday, January 24, 2011

URGENT, 2bdeported Tues. (on dialysis) JonathanSanchez, Mexica Guerrero-Danza Maestro, Stockton

Source [ConsejoQuetzalcoatl]

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 12:44 AM, Malinalzihuatl wrote:

I got news about Jonathan Sanchez, my guerrero (dance teacher), in stockton born in Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico.... immigration has him detained in the san joaquin county jail in stockton, ca and they plan on deporting him on Tuesday. But Luis Magana is trying to get attorneys for him. The family called me telling me that immigration people r tormenting him because he is refusing to sign the release documents to deport him back to mexico. They can not deport him if he does not sign. He is real sick because they r not feeding him properly and is scared and crying. He has no active kidneys. He needs dialisis 3 times a week to clean his blood in order to live. His kidneys do not function and each dialisis takes 4 hours to do. He has maintained not only his aztec group tlalok with a tube sticking out of his chest for 1 and a half years but has maintained his folklorico group as well including his local presentations and attending some aztec ceremonies with me. Luis Magana political activist from Stockton needs anyone who is willing to support the release of Jonathan call him for further info at (209) 405-1213.
I went to visit Jonathan today w a dancer who was under age but they did not allow me to see him because I had an under age person w me. Being that i work for the state dept. of health in administration legal section they were going to allow me to see him even though he already had his 2 visitors for the week even after i showed them my badge. i did not see him. Urgently i am requesting help. I am not knowledgeable about politics. All I know is that Jonathan can not live without his dialisis. He wont survive en Mexico if they deport him. In mexico is cost $150 US Dollars to pay for one session in cleaning his blood. HE Needs 3 a week which totals to $1,800 Dollars a month in mexico which is about 18,000 pesos a month. In Mexico u have to pay up front the money or else they will not serve u. Jonathan is only 20 years old...Please call his aunt Leticia Nieto (209) 390-6414 to see how u can help.


Want to help Johathan?
Call San Joaquin County’s Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak with Sheriff Steve Moore (209) 469-4400
If ICE asks for Jonathan Sanchez’s “A” number: A-200869492

Dorinda Moreno, Fuerza Mundial / FM Global
Hitec Aztec Communications, Elders of 4 Colors 4 Directions
U.S. Representative and Liaison, International Tribunal of Conscience
(becoming a permanent forum for Migration and Displacement)

From the National Council of La Raza,
Dream Crushers and Dream Believers
Download your copy of the We Will Not Forget ad here and put it on your fridge!

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