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Faith-based charity provides crumbs from the table; faith-based justice offers a place at the table"
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Friday, October 29, 2010

ANOTHER CAMPAIGN TO SUPPRESS LATINO VOTE: Arpaio just sent this shocking message to his followers:

Last week we were shocked and angered at the viciously un-American Ad aimed at Latinos/Hispanics asking us NOT TO VOTE.

The now extreme Republican Party, with it's army of right Wing Extremists, are fully engaged in a-not-much-discussed campaign to suppress, by any means necessary, the Latino/Hispanic Vote in the upcoming election.

Earlier today, I received and email from AmericanVoiceOnline.org, alerting us to an email sent by AZ's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio addressed to all of his followers, creating and disseminating an image of a 'fraud bogeyman' and inciting to organize against Latino/Hispanic Voters, by once again, targeting this much maligned and abused Community, as the villains in this elections, hence creating a climate of mistrust, antagonism and anger for Brown people, thus making it justifiable and acceptable for his "Army", to harass and intimidate them around the voting polls.

This is the text of his message

Maricopa County's infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio"STOP ILLEGALS FROM STEALING THE ELECTION! Our grassroots army of VOTER FRAUD PREVENTION VOLUNTEERS will stand vigilant across the nation. We will be the first and strongest line of defense to ensure that only legal citizens vote on November 2nd."

From American Voice Online. Bogus accusations of "illegal voters" crop up every election, and every election they are proven false. What's truly frightening is that, this year, Arpaio is recruiting an "army" to block people from voting in the name of "fraud prevention."

As would be expected, Fox News is again at the Vanguard on yet another dirty campaign to suppress the vote a minority by having as guests Right Wing Operatives to push this campaign, one of them is Ultra Right Wing Blogger, Michelle Malkin, whose participation in this propaganda channel can be seen in this video, where she declares "'We Are All Voter Fraud Police Now'":

Least be left unsaid, The Latino/Hispanic voters need to be prepared for the MOST LIKELY EVENTUALITY that their
eligibility will be challenged, we need to be civil but strong on the conviction that we have the right to vote, if there is harassment or intimidation, it needs to be reported to the Election Officials present.


Election Protection 'Protect Our Vote' National Hotline

In Solidarity

Aurora Grajeda

San Francisco

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